Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


Are you planning to go on a trip for a holiday, study or work abroad? Have you ever thought about covering yourself with travel insurance? Many people think it is useless and expensive, but it is a service not to be neglected. We have no control over accidents that can occur, especially in a country that is foreign to us. So, to leave with peace of mind, we encourage you to always count on travel insurance. But the problem is that the majority of travellers do not know what travel insurance really is, its role and especially its importance. Portal Tijuana is created to help you more with your travel plans.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a guarantee that allows us to have a financial recovery in case of medical or other expenses that may occur during the trip. Indeed, it is a measure to be taken against risks. In addition, it allows us to leave with complete peace of mind, as the majority of accidents or incidents will be covered by the insurance. This type of insurance is somehow mandatory, but in some countries it is not. It can help us in case of trip cancellation, for example, and gives us the possibility to resume the trip on another day. And finally, it must also be known that it adapts to our needs according to the destination we want to take.

A contract that is important

The most important thing when writing an insurance contract is compensation for unforeseen circumstances. However, although it is highly recommended, some of us do not know the reasons for this coverage. We will list some types of coverage you may have. However, it is essential to mention first of all that it is basic, a financial insurance, i.e. that the planned budget will not be devoted to unexpected problems, but for pleasure. So, be aware that in the event of unforeseen circumstances just before the trip, travel insurance will cover the cancellation, and that the date of the trip will be postponed. The same shall apply in the event of visa denial. Then, if you have a medical problem and are forced to go to hospital, there is nothing to worry about about about the medical costs that this could entail, since insurance can also cover you, even in a distant country. Then, it is also an insurance that covers and secures the equipment. This is the case if you have suffered losses, theft or delayed delivery from your airline. Finally, it is there for an unexpected return, for example, for the death of a loved one. In short, with the proposed coverages, the traveller will be assured of maximum coverage.

Its main functions are

There are different coverages assigned to this type of insurance, but here are some formulas that are regularly covered by travel insurance. On the one hand, we can have assistance for people in the event of illness, accident or death, called “repatriation assistance”. This is a guarantee of expenses incurred abroad. On the other hand, there is also the assistance of the cars if they break down. In this case, the car breakdown assistance will be at your service immediately. Then, you can also opt for “travel cancellation insurance” which is often used in cases of force majeure and which obliges the traveller to cancel his ticket and stay. In addition, the insured may also opt for “baggage insurance”, which covers cases of loss or theft and allows him/her to expect compensation from his/her insurer. Other guarantees can also be taken out, just ask at an insurance institution.